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Our fully equipped workshop in Barking offers reliable tyre replacements done by our professional mechanics. We are able to assess your tyres and ensure they need to be replaced instead of repaired. We can do this for all makes and models of vehicles. Making sure your tyres are in working condition is very important as it’s illegal to drive with damaged tyres. This includes things like having a puncture, having the tread depth under the legal measurement of 1.6mm, which are things you should often check yourself as they are easy to spot and inspect.

Trustworthy Tyre Repairs in Barking

If your tyres do not need to be replaced, we offer reliable tyre repairs at great prices. It is essential to remove the tyre when inspecting a damaged tyre, as you can often find more issues hidden on the inside of the tyre. It is very common for this to happen which is why we let our customers know the ins and outs of why we choose to either repair a tyre or suggest a replacement tyre.

Simple Checks to Make Sure Your Tyres Are Healthy

Before your tyres are damaged, there are many checks and tests you can carry out yourself to make sure your tyres are in excellent condition. The main things to check is the tread depth, pressure and the overall condition of the tyres. As soon as you notice something wrong with your tyres and your checks prove that something isn’t how it should be, that’s where we can help. You should be able to tell if something is wrong with your tyres by the feel of them when you drive. If you’re not sure, we will inspect your tyres for you free of charge and let you know the best way forward.

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